mea culpa … now, here is a real Japanese Flowering Cherry tree. The big one is a Plum.)

In the interest of truth and wisdom, I have to issue a correction — dealing with my misidentification of flowering trees.

I mistakenly identified my beautiful tree with the purple foliage and explosion of gorgeous pink blossoms as a Japanese Flowering Cherry. In fact, the tree in question is a PLUM tree. I am not sure what its real name is, but I will find out by asking the nursery where it came from.

However…before I drown in protests, I hasten to add that there IS indeed a Japanese Flowering Cherry tree out in my yard right next to the mis-identified Plum tree. I personally planted both of the flowering trees about 20 years ago.

Here’s the thing: Several years ago the Cherry tree developed a serious illness, and gradually died. The branches formed a pleasing shape any way, and when I noticed that several new little shoots were coming out of the ground I decided to leave them alone and see what happened. Gradually the old tree deteriorated, and lost upper branches to the elements. I let the tree trunk remain as a framework for the new shoots to climb on. Two or three years ago I discovered a few flowers on the tree.

(Photos and story ©Sometimes, 2021)

picture of success is a little red parrot tulip on my blog finally fixed the photo app….maybe

(Ready or not…

I have been experiencing some awful problems with my photos. So if you are looking at this lovely red tulip it is a cause for celebration, or at least a little cheer.

My photo collection has grown slowly but surely over the past decade. This is a good thing. But when I decided I was flooding my photo apps with pics and duplicates and copies of the duplicates….it was time for copying ALL of the photos onto a portable hard drive so that space on my C:/ could be freed up for work space.

I will cut to the chase here, sparing readers the gory details. Except for one, which is that somehow the gremlins dumped ALL of the contents of my main hard drive into one giant photo file…something like 21,000 images, at one point.

Well, its the moment of truth; fingers crossed; heart skips a beat… ta da.

Rhododrendon’s last dance (Cee’s Flower of the Week Rhodie Buds challenge)

This old rhododendron just out-did herself last year, so I’m not counting her out now. This plant has been in this spot for about 20 years, I planted it in my “tree garden” and it is one of few originals remaining… there is another plant that is about the same size as this one on the other side of the garden. Also there is a white smaller flowered Rhodie or similar plant that just shows normal winter wear and tear over by the second pink one.

I don’t know why this plant is such a wreck. It is possible that a deer (or crew of deer) ran through the shrub on their way through the tree garden. The deer and assorted other critters live back there.

(all photos ©Sometimes, 2021)