Welcome to My Home


(Photo101, first assignment, 2015 March 3]


{The beautiful Bleeding Heart is from last year.   It is safe and sound under the clump of snow seen to the right  in the photo below.]

This scene is the one that I enjoy the most when I return from traveling.  The barn and the greenhouses are across the road, the maple trees along the road an in the next door neighbor’s yard.   These are good sized shrubs, nestled along the path through the snow covered walk.  I am standing at my front door, shooting outward, toward the southwest.    The beautiful wind-chime is a bell made of metal, the clapper is shaped like a Ginko leaf. 




11 thoughts on “Welcome to My Home

  1. I like your photos. Your bell is very cool, I wonder if there is a way to make it pop! It gets lost among the leafless trees. I wonder what would happen if you lit the bell from the front on a nice sunny day?


    1. Thanks for the suggestion. The bell is made of some kind of base metal, not shiny. I was concentrating on getting the bell to hang freely among the trees in the background. It was colder than heck, so I was in kind of a hurry to get back inside. 🙂 I wonder how the bell would look if I used flash, of if I tried to blur the background.


      1. Is it cast iron? I looks like it could it be. Give it a try when it gets warmer. I think it may look cool with the bright sunshine in the background.


    2. Due to logistical problems re the position of the sun, I’d have to move the bell and hang it about where the giant long icicle was in the photo in order to get the sun behind the bell. Our road follows an old lake ridge, so it is at an odd angle. What I’d really like to do is get the blue sky behind the bell, above the tree tops. Just for fun I think I’ll play around with the bell photo, but I’m waiting for it to warm up.


      1. in fact, I do have a shot of the bell with sky behind it, and sort of between the trees (which are a hundred or so feet away) … I’ll post that picture. I had thought to use a cropped version of the photo with just the bell and the sky, in a header.


  2. I’ve visited this page three times now, and every time all I can think of is, “wow.”

    I wanted to say more and be more engaging, but I’m just speechless. Wonderful photos.



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