Moon-watching on a cold Winter night … a photo chat

These are some photos I took with my little Sony Cyber-shot.   I was intrigued by the visual effects through the double-pane window, so opened the door and went outside onto the small deck.   There is very little room for movement there.  Specifically what I wanted was to capture the moonlight reflecting off an icicle hanging from the eaves.      The temperature was about 7 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrr


(All photos ©Sometimes, 2015)

In the second  photo the moon is shining off of the icicle, I was not able to get more  length because of the cramped space.   The moon is hazy, not clear.    I think the horizontal row of light in the lower right is reflecting off of snow across the road at a greenhouse there.   I like the way that the maple trees are outlined against the background, but I wonder if there is a way to pull up better contrast.    I am not using flash in this photo.

Moonlit Icicle


There are three orbs in this photo.  The top one is the moon, the one to the left is a street light, and the llower orb is a reflection of the moon taken from inside the house, through the window.   Both the moon and the street light reflections can be seen on the railing of the porch outside.   In the lower photo, there is a double reflection of the moon. 

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    1. Please note: This post is one that I re-blogged, originally posted in March 2015. I had intended to post the photos only once, but they showed up in both of the posts today. I had intended to post other shots of the reflections with my poem, “Full Moon” Sorry for the over-exposure of my photography. 🙂


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