The Deer in the Tree Garden.

More than likely no one really cares a mite, but I really need to write a note about the photo I have in my header of my blog Sometimes.  First, I admit that it was chosen because it was needed to have a sort of neutral photo for a new theme I was trying out.  (Or an old theme that was back in favor.)  I previously had a picture of some beautiful red Hibiscus flowers, but even I was getting tired of them..

This photo is cloudy for two reasons: it is shot through the less-than-pristine glass patio door; and in the rain.  The reason I grabbed my camera and hustled up some shots is…well, because it is a deer.  I love deer, and see them fairly often, but they are elusive…especially when in photo range.  This photo turned out fairly well in that it also features my tree garden, which I have discussed previously.

Deer always manage to sneak up and stand in the yard in some picturesque pose.  My deer photos usually leave something to be desired, such as lining up the deer so that there is a wind-chime-bug coverning the deer’s head.  Or it’s the rear end of the deer…not that white-tailed deer rear ends are not cute in and of themselves.

So when I peeked out the window and saw the deer standing by the full-blooming Rose-of-Sharon, with a “ok, let’s take the picture, lady…” attitude, I got it.

The point of this post is that in keeping with the “spruce-up-your-blog” campaign over at WordPress, I admit that mine needs a lot of work.

Speaking of sprucing-up, I hope that I’ve settled on a theme for awhile.  I am using… uh, let’s see… Bold Life theme… one which I flit back and forth to because I like the colors, the lay-out, and it just seems comfortable.     As I have said before, in the past two months I have changed fifteen times, many of them back and forth to Bold Life.  The problem I have with switching themes is that it left me having to drag-and-drop my widgets every time.  Yes, I know there is a simple way to do that, but I didn’t know it until just a couple of days ago.

So anyway, that is what I wanted to say about the deer header.  It remind me of a sort of water-color or blurry painting (not being a visual artist I wouldn’t know an impressionist painting from a cubic style, if there even IS such a thing.)   OK, so the stylized photo of the deer, the droopy wildflowers, and the soggy hanging Million-Bells plant, is more the result of poor photography skills.

Another thing, while the subject is up on screen…I am working on developing a writing work ethic in which I write every day.  No excuses.  The hazard here is that once the material starts flowing out of the brain, through the keyboard, onto the computer screen…well, let’s just say I get carried away easily.

Wouldn’t it be some kind of poetic justice if I were to LIMIT my writing time each day?

6 thoughts on “The Deer in the Tree Garden.

  1. I think the header photo is quite artistic, Gradmama. And if you are to get into such an artistic writing flow as to feel as if it’s too much, well, happy day that will be, I bet.


    1. I vow to begin anew…sigh… I try to enroll in a wordpress class every opportunity. Writing is my life, and I vow to quit messing around with housework and pulling weeds and that kind of stuff…and stick to writing. Serious writing. I’ve been saving all the “good stuff” for later…but I guess I should realize “later” is here now, and bring out that stuff. Once its out there in cyberspace I have done my part, which is to get it out…if no one reads it that is beside the point! 🙂

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