Choosing a new photo–black swim suit or a blooming poppy?

Seriously thinking of changing my avatar picture.  Gosh…I look like I’m eighty years old in that photo!

Actually as photos of me go, this one is not as bad as most.  I have taken about a zillion Selfies…each one worse than the previous.    But to be honest, the only picture of me that I have ever liked is…well, none.  Except maybe when I was a little kid back in the day.  Most of those are pretty cute…I might say overly-cute.  I was a little ham in those days.

One of the not-too-bad photos is one of 17-year-old Me, in a one-piece black bathing suit.  Probably around 1952, but no one needs to know that, although only about half of me would fit in that suit today.

There is another taken when I was 22, wearing one of my all-time favorite dresses.  It was black with white piping, full skirt of course, in the 50s fashion, and it was pretty flattering if I do say so myself.  The occasion was my wedding shower, and I am sitting in a chair unwrapping a present in my lap.

Oh I guess my high school graduation photo was OK–posed, air-brushed, some photographic-doctoring help.  (Now we would call it Photoshop, but then it was just professionals way of making students look as attractive as possible.)   Those photos are always so contrived…not as much as the “glamour” shots of a generation later, but still made to impress even though a lot of times they did not look much like the subject.  The graduation photo of my first husband, taken by the same photographer, looks nothing like him…he was a good-looking man, but the air-brushed photo made him look too pretty.

Back to my avatar photo.

I have thought of using a picture of one of my cats, and may still do that.  Or maybe I could use a flower, or an obscure shot of my garden.   I know that a lot of young parents feature pictures of their kids on their pages, but I don’t think that would be appropriate for me.  One of my daughters looks sort of like me, but 31 years younger…

Some posters use a photo or drawing of a Superman or Wonder Woman character.  Or a fairy tale personality like Snow White.  Or a doll…hey, there’s an idea.  The pics of quilts or other hand-crafted items are cool.  Geometric designs are always good.  A stack of books…eh, too cliché.

Maybe that circa 1936 picture of me at about two years old, with curls, a big bow, and a polka-dotted dress?  .

In the meantime I’ll just continue to use the current one… 🙂

13 thoughts on “Choosing a new photo–black swim suit or a blooming poppy?

      1. No problem! 🙂 There is no deadline for it, so anytime you want to do it you can. Haha I also need to have another look at my about page. Just be pleased you have an about page because most bloggers don’t and it is very inconvenient.

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  1. I say that your Gravatar should represent the real you – my current one was taken while camping with my sister with an adult beverage in hand. My original gravatar was of the Mad Hatter which totally represented me at the time. My husband’s is Daffy Duck – so true. And what’s wrong with using a 1950s photo? I think it would be great!

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    1. love your comments… maybe if all my Selfies weren’t taken three inches from my face it would help. My son took the one I use currently and it isn’t bad, just isn’t me. haha


  2. Love your voice [writing style, that is]! Concerning photos of oneself. I’ve long ago ceded that ground to everyone else. I have never been happy with photos of myself, excepting the one with new wife Janine, but even that one had problems. I had my hands in my pockets.

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