Housekeeping…blog edition

It’s about time I changed my blog around, even it is only a new header image and a new background color.  There is a lot of other tweaks and major renovation to be done, but that will have to wait awhile.   The Big Job around here is that the contractors are finally going to get here on June 8, ready to rip out half of my ceilings and replace drywall.   Nationwide paid on my claim months ago, and it is really amazing that they trusted me with sole discretion in dispersing the money.   The delay is largely my fault…being as how I preferred not to deal with major renovation while sick in bed with some mysterious illness…even my doctor didn’t commit himself to its nature, and basically said I would just have to deal with the hallucinations from the heavy-duty cough syrup…or do without and cough my guts out.  That illness took three weeks to conquer.

There is a silver lining in the Big Job…I have been forced to clear out tons of stuff (boxes of stuff) and books, out of my bedroom and the china cabinets in the kitchen/dining room.  On my  behalf I would like to say that the influx of “stuff” had two sources: namely my flea market indoor shops and antique mall shop, which were closed by me two years ago or so, resulted in moving all that stuff, including at least a thousand books, out of the shops into my garage, basement, and every room in my house.

Whew!  Thus the silver lining…all that stuff is being funneled back out to the garage, and later to other destinations.  Such as the Goodwill, maybe a yard sale, a now-is-your-chance-get-it-now-or-forget-it invitation to my family.

It is noteworthy that the trash cans and once-a-month-pick-up trucks have already gotten their share of discards.

Any way, to get on about the Blog.   I like the new color.   The header image change has been delayed by the sad facts concerning my suddenly forgetting everything I ever knew about camera-to-computer work.  The solution to that was really rather obvious (I’m a great follower of Occam’s Razor) in that the camera I was using had never been introduced to the computer!  Yes, I should be ashamed to admit it.  It’s easier to just blame Windows 8.1 for my failing computer skills…but that is another story.

My search for a new theme for Sometimes continues, however.   I keep returning to Bold Life theme.

well Bunky, that’s life at my place–both Cyber and Real.