They did WHAT to Bubblewrap?

DSC03047Some things just should never change.

Like bubblewrap, the impossibly satisfying packing material that is used to protect all sorts of products…from computer components to special delicacies like chocolates or fragile cookies…during shipping from factory to consumer.

For anyone who has been marooned on Mars for a couple of decades, bubblewrap is made of two sheets of clear (or colored) thin plastic, pressed similar to a waffle to trap air within small bubbles–which is what gives bubblewrap its strength, and its name.

It does sound sort of silly, but bubblewrap has proven to be effective in its capacity for protection of items during shipping.

Well, now they have decided to…take out the bubbles!

For bubblewrap’s successor, I envision some variation of that plastic-foam stuff, that may be as strong, cheaper to make, and possibly less complicated to make. Even so, the foam sheet is boring; it doesn’t make noise, reflect light, or offer any residual benefit to its original purpose.

Perhaps the best thing about bubblewrap is its inherent entertainment value. Bubbles are for popping…and for some reason the rapid staccato popping sound is a free-bonus to a recipient of something that comes wrapped in bubblewrap. Show me a person of any age that can resist squeezing the individual bubbles to hear the sound they make…not unlike fire-crackers.

Simple pleasures rarely last indefinitely. Pop pop pop…

8 thoughts on “They did WHAT to Bubblewrap?

  1. I was so disappointed when I heard that they were removing the bubbles. A childhood game with my brother was to race to get more bubbles popped than the other person. Sometimes progress takes life’s simple pleasures from us.

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  2. Take out the bubbles?! What would be the point! The bubbles are the best thing, and they protect way better than some stupid foam sheet. We’ve used both to cushion peaches we buy at the farmer’s market. Bubble wrap is the best. We should have a time of mourning.

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