Considering the TV News–Coincidence, or Convenience?

Sure, I believe as strongly in coincidence as anyone does.

Who among us would doubt that the New York Stock Exchange, United Airlines, and the Wall Street Journal, can… and did…suddenly have computer failures at the same time?

Wow–that is SOME “computer glitch!”

The FBI spokesman who was mentioning various possibilities that the FBI was investigating in its search to discover what had happened, and where responsibility may have laid, said something to the effect that it could have been someone…parties unknown…exploring their assumed hacker skills just to see if major infrastructure components could be manipulated–and what would happen.

As it was, despite the three-and-a-half hour pause in NYSE trading, and the concurrent grounding of all United Airline traffic, and interference with the Wall Street Journal publishing procedures–there has not yet been speculation beyond the mild and somewhat timid “computer glitch” explanation.

Then there is also the remarkable “coincidence” involved in the Charleston, South Carolina, church killings.   One question that gives me pause, is to wonder how the gunman, Dylann Roof, managed to choose a church that had a prominent reputation AND just happened to be headed by a United States Senator.    Question Two: what would have been the internet new coverage if the tragic event had played out in a backwater town someplace with the victims having been local church-goers, otherwise unremarkable in their anonymity.

Furthermore, how serendipitous is the existence of a series of photos of the shooter, Roof, who burst forth on the international stage literally wearing the Confederate Flag, and posing with a wicked looking gun  in what appears to be an ordinary-appearing bedroom.    This all begs the question: WHO took those photos, and if the shots are “selfies,” taken by the subject himself with an automatic shutter camera–WHY?    It seems that friends and acquaintances of Dylann Roof, who apparently never raised any red flags concerning his opinions or thoughts on race issues or otherwise, would have noticed some weird thinking on his part.

There’s more that appears to point to a really remarkable chain of events stemming from the terrible shootings in Charleston.  Almost immediately the emphasis turned to the events surrounding the removal of the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina state house… pole and all… within relatively short period of time.    One more point is that now the FBI has discovered that there was a “glitch” in the gun law, which should have prevented Roof from being able to purchase the gun.  The gun sales owner had the legal option to issue the permit to Roof without waiting for the permit approval from the FBI.   They are now reporting a paradox: that the permit never should have been issued–but the existing law was followed properly by the dealer.

All this cause-and-effect in the sequence of these news features is very convenient…they just happen to lead to detail fodder for building arguments for or against existing laws–both for and against gun control for example.

It is hard to believe this flow of news components to fit nicely into current campaign topics is pure coincidence.