What’s in a Title? Is a Hibiscus Flower too much? (posting misadventures)

(This  post was originally published on my blog, Sometimes, earlier this year.    Some of the facts are no longer relevant, since there have been major changes in the heading photo, which originally featured a gorgeous red Hibiscus flower, but that heading is as defunct as the flower and exists only in re-runs and fond memories.   Thanks for visiting.)


Experience tells me that once an error is made, it is often better to just let it go. There is an old secretary’s saying that once you mess up on handling an important message for the boss you will keep making it worse with each new contact.

So I’ll try again to explain the title of my blog. Actually the title SOMETIMES is simple enough, and so far it has escaped scrutiny. My tag line is simple enough also except that it got tangled up while it was under construction, and came out wrong.

My tag line (oh gosh, here’s where I mess it up again,) is “Who, What, When, Where, How and Why.” I think that’s in the right order. This phrase has long been a staple of teachers of writing and journalism, an easy catch phrase (there’s a word for it, but I can’t think of it now)…

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