Practice with Pictures

I have a lot of trouble with pictures.  Probably because I have not taken the time to search into the instructions; I just sort of wing-it, then when I have had enough blundering through I check the How-To and discover some little detail for the first time.

Here I am going to insert a photo.

three maple trees
three maple trees

I did!   This is my side yard, the nearest tree is a Maple that is gorgeous red in Fall.  The middle-size is a Maple that grew up through a Yucca plant and allowed to remain; the smallest one is also a volunteer that originated in the midst of a Holly bush that had seen better days, and has been pruned to encourage it to become a big tree.

Rose of Sharon blossom.
Rose of Sharon blossom

I think I’ll try a Gallery.

16 thoughts on “Practice with Pictures

    1. thanks, I recently had Win10 installed in my computers, and wanted to explore the photo options. I love to include images in my blogging pages, and I’m pleased so far with the way it is going.

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      1. I hate reading instructions. I want to get to using what ever it is. My favorite all time bad instructions where how to hook up your VCR – they were on VCR tape. Hope you have a great day and get inspired to take a photo somewhere.


  1. It’s such a beautiful post. You have such an amazing gallery; these flowers are so soothing for heart and soul. I would love to be in their company.

    Stay blessed dear,

    Anand 🙂


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