What Do Readers Really Want?

So far I’ve published 105 posts, covering all kinds of subjects from poison ivy to politics.

Hmmm…do I see a pattern here?   Just kidding.  Poison Ivy is real and annoying, and Politics–surreal and ridiculous sometimes.

I’ve written about myself…mostly adventures and quirks.   Other posts featured butterflies, Cuba, TV shows, Will Smith, the Aztec Calendar, and the Word Police.   Even after studying the list of posts, I am still at a loss to say what my readers really want.  Articles that I personally like are almost never the ones that Readers like….or at least leave comments about.

Computers, specifically my personal love/hate relationship with  the “machines,” seems to be something a lot of readers relate to.  I think this is due to the us-against-them attitude most of us have.  Most readers, as most writers, use computers these days.   Few comments (or posts for that matter) are of the type of people that are embarrassed to say they love computers…or for that matter make the ridiculous claim — “I am not computer literate and proud of it!”   Or even more idiotic–“what would I do with a computer?  I have no use for one.”   This last comes regularly from acquaintances–and relatives or occasional friends–who actually in real life would get the MOST out of surfing the net and communicating with friends and family on email.

Well, ok—I should talk.   I resisted getting rid of my wringer-washing-machine, and had “no use” for a microwave oven.   That lasted for about two minutes each (20 years apart) before temporary sanity took over.

Now and then I post a politically-oriented comment.   I admit to having strong opinions, and like my Grandma Myrtle,”– always have something to say.”   OK.  I admit it.  I am as Abe Lincoln would say “four score and one years old.”   (I don’t want that silly “young” applied.)    I am an Historian, specifically Latin America, and United States History.   My degrees and advanced study qualify me to comment on historical matters, in my humble opinion.

I have had very few, if any, comments to my political posts.  Other current events are also things I post about now and then.   But these are usually not the posts my readers comment about.

I love to write about and post photos about lighter issues–like my garden, and my great-grand-kids.   Flowers are especially popular–and I do understand why.  My own favorite blogs and posts from the people that I follow, are travelogues, adventures in wild places that I can no longer hope to visit, and the flowers, birds, trees, sunsets, miscellaneous subjects.

Raising children….I no longer have any young children that I am personally responsible for.  My grandkids have kids, and they do a fine job of raising them.  But I LOVE the mom’s who write about daily adventures raising their children.  These blogs have stories and issues that I can personally relate to–even back in the day.   Being a Mother is not easy, and part of raising future generations is a great job.   I know…from experience.  Many of the worst problems of the world could be, or can be, solved by the Moms’ addressing of such things as male dominance, and general respect for women as equals.

I like to read about other bloggers adventures in Blogging, too.    There is a lot of camaraderie among bloggers, facing the same triumphs and tribulations.

In other words–I am personally and as a blogger interested in just about everything…and my own Blogging reflects that general interest.

27 thoughts on “What Do Readers Really Want?

  1. I like the idea of having a varied approach to blogging. Each day will interest different readers, and it helps keeping the blog fresh to. Keep on keeping on!


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  2. Good Morning! LOVED what you said about moms addressing the world’s problems. I think there are far too many women that don’t realize their power and potential. Your post has really got me thinking! Thank you for that. xo Whitney

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    1. Men learn attitudes of male dominance when they are boys, under their mother’s guidance. In fact we all (girls too) learn attitudes from our Mom and other female influences. There’s a great blog where I got this impression. I can refer you if you wish.

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  3. It is said….’Variety is the spice of life’…This makes your blogging interesting, to be sure. What do people ‘want’ or ‘like’? Always difficult to predict. ‘Likes’ and ‘Wants’ can vary by the day, season or, even, personal circumstances. 😉

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  4. Having a wide range of topics on your blog – I think it depends on why you blog and what you want to achieve from it. According to the experts you should only have one niche. I was so flattered when you made a comment that you liked my writing, I am not a confident writer. Thank You.

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    1. yes…I found it just fine…I just had the wrong url. It’s looking good, I don’t have much time right now but I will go back and look it over….I have never been to China and I always enjoy these “blog” trips.


  5. I enjoy a wide variety of topics. I share a long life of stories and experiences – four score years and one also. It would be hard to choose one or two topics and stick with them. I’ve pretty much got an opinion about everything! Sometimes I entertain myself with listening to children talk. Smart as they are, their little hard drives aren’t loaded with much! And it’s funny to try to convince them they still have lots to learn. Me? The older I get, the more I know I don’t know! Like, for instance, my use of “Me?” Wrong! But maybe best used because of common usage, I don’t know! You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

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    1. I also enjoy hearing what children have to say. I always treat them as I do anyone else, with respect and never looking down or talking down to them. No baby talk. If we would all just listen to what the little kids have to say, everyone would benefit. My great-grands are 10, 9, 8, 8 1/2, and 2. They are all delightful, and “real people” in their own right. (Sounds like a good blog topic!)


  6. Hi there, glad you commented on my site as it led me here. I agree with the person above that said it depends what your blog means to you and what you hope to get out of it. I am all over the shop with the things I love to talk about so I guess it follows that the same will be said of my blog when I get into stuff more. Congratulations on a wonderfully interesting writing style and on doing so at four score and one !!! 😀 I love it!
    My interests are in health particularly mental health, and also ageing and well being in those senior years. I am taking care of my 90 year old mother who still lives independently after losing my father earlier this year. She has dementia but with research and my aged care training I have been able to reignite her interest in life and she is painting again , which was always her passion. I will post soon a story on her with some pictures of her wonderful flower painting so check back and see how I am going with that one!!!
    Keep on as you are I say ….. it gives me lots of varied reading


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  7. I don’t think you should think too hard about making readers happy. Just be you. I tend to favor more of an “if you blog it, they will eventually (with great patience) come” sort of approach. I mean, that’s not all there is too it. Blog long enough, and you’ll eventually discover your own stylistic consistency. Your own flavor, if you will. I don’t have a set agenda of blog topics, but I do have an idea of how I want them to turn out. I want my posts to be idyllic and optimistic, but I’m also not afraid to go dark. The most important things is to be yourself no matter what. I think the idea is that you want readers to have an idea of what to expect, and then slightly tweak those expectations with each post.

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