Photographing the Invisible–Year of the Spider, Part Two


This is how the web looked during the end of the construction phase.

Obviously she wants to ward off visitors until she is ready.

DSCN3050_thumb.jpg     DSCN3049.jpg

DSCN3048_thumb.jpg                                                                      Almost ready to welcome visitors.

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20 thoughts on “Photographing the Invisible–Year of the Spider, Part Two

    1. when I was aiming my camera at the web trying to get an image, the spider actually dropped/jumped into the web on a prey …right before my eyes. I was snapping pix, and first the web was unoccupied and the next second the spider was there. Remarkable.

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      1. Oh yes, my hand went into a web the other day and I couldn’t get the tough sticky stuff off me. Makes you wonder what would happen if spiders were as big as us and we fell onto the web, I don’t think we would be strong enough to escape lol.

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    1. It is a biggun…. I treat it with the utmost respect. It isn’t crazy about the flash from my camera, but it will pose now and then. Its web is in a more or less protected spot where no one walks into it. I have decided in my old age that I want to be a photographer, and spider webs are a challenge. Actually I’ve been shooting pictures for decades, even supported five kids for two years on my pics. Never won any prizes…I need a new camera.


      1. Respect…yeah, that’s a wise move. Wow, you made money with your photos! How great, I would love that. I would love to win a contest (big ego), but I think making a living and supporting loved ones with your art is way more satisfying.

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      2. A reporter…I always wanted to do that, just never got around to trying it. Oh wait, I did write a travel story once that got published, with my photos!


      3. there ya go…I fell into my job with he paper, and lasted 18 years writing features, after two years as beat reporter. That meant just about anything from fires to wrecks, schools and local governments. It was the best gig of my whole life.


  1. Nice work, Gradmama. To get the actual spider and the sticky web, hard lighting and angles, I’m sure! I do all my photos with my iPhone 6, so I just maneuver it to where I think things will look best, look at the screen for verification, and click away!

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    1. thanks Mark, I saw him jump through the camera lens…im not sure if he blurred the photo or if I did…it was surprise to me. he is a blur. In my fiirst part, with the nice web shot, I had not noticed that spider. Totally different areas of the yard.


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