Inventing the Word “Flangiprop” for DailyPost dictionary

[This is a prompt from the Daily Post, asking for a definition for the imaginary (until now :-) word Flangiprop.   It is not in proper dictionary form due to lack of time.}

< n. or verb, (wp. nonsense) — something that is used to support a point of view, habit, or alibi, then when it is no longer appropriate  fling it away… [flangipropped… flangipropping … or as a proper noun: “Flangiprop.”]

flang… flaaang, long A.    deriv. from flung/fling

as in “I flanged that prop (crutch) right out the window.”

“stop sucking your thumb, you’re almost old enough to vote….that’s just an old Flangiprop anyway.”

“whatever happened to your “theory?”  oh that was a Flangiprop…I replaced it with a better one”.   No one could spell Flangiprop anyway.

One needs imagination to make up words…not to mention a sense of humor.    If someone thinks its silly then their inner-child has grown up beyond hope.

Here are a couple of examples from my own personal family dictionary:

reeblefraz (as in “no-kidding,”  or “bull-cookies” … (expressing amazement or disbelief)

my two-year-old daughter, when asked what she had picked up off the floor, replied… “a piece of dumpin.”   We still say that in our family– “What is that?  A piece of dumpin.”

To elaborate, what to do with the “piece of dumpin?”   throw it in the trash, it was just a Flangiprop anyway.     Reeblefraz!!! (as in “geez!”)

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