The perfect gift for a child (renamed)

[Writing201, Poetry.   Today’s assignment involves the word GIFT, and Crostic, and Alliteration.]    (Originally published on Sometimes in 2015 under title A Perfect Past Present for Poetry Class)

        A Perfect Past Present

Better a book, than a boat or a bear

Or my childhood dream would be dashed

Only such a gift would

Keep me a happy child.

I would never have wanted clothing

Neither undies nor socks…in a box

A doll or a hat or even a unicorn of bisque would have been taking a terrible risk

of dashing my special specific dream of a gift

But–alas!  There was only one lonely gift left…and that in a box!

OXYDOL SOAP said the  boisterous box, causing my young heart to sink

X-actly!   I  cheered as I peered inside, and shouted — “MY BOOK IN A BOX!”

©Sometimes, 2015

19 thoughts on “The perfect gift for a child (renamed)

    1. thanks Bushka, this is something new to me, writing poetry that is. I guess I didn’t pay much attention back in school, but I think we didn’t write any poetry just other forms.

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  1. I love books as gifts! I try to get my kids at least one book each Christmas, and I try to write a little note on the inside cover. Great poem! I enjoyed it 😊

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