Meeting With Myself, a poem by Majka, reblogged from her site

This poem by Majka is so wonderful and meaningful to me that I want to reblog it here on my own site. I know my readers will enjoy it as much as I have. (Gradmama2011)

few words-uncountable colours

I got lost.
I went searching for myself.
I closed my eyes, the darkness was falling down… to where did I come?
I´m standing in front of a temple.
The old man is looking at me from the stairs. 
He is wearing a light cassock, his beard is reaching to his breast.
I am climbing the stairs and heading to greet him.
He disappears in the bowels of the temple which swallows me as well.
I feel cold.
And where I will go now?
I don´t have time for reasoning.
The stairs are leading up and the other ones are fading in the deepness.
The gentle light doesn’t discover where they should end.
I´m sinking.
The stairs are beating like my heart.
The impact of foot… “bang’!.
I feel like inside of a soul of somebody else.
I´m going to the door with a golden handle.
I´m opening it.
The wooden altar is covered by white tablecloth
with flowers in…

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