2 thoughts on “RE-BLOGGED: Should we try to Auto-Correct Humanity In This Strange And Lonely New World?

  1. This is so true. Since me and my husband got our Iphones, we spend maybe triple time on social media and I see that something has changed. I can not say it has some big influence on our relationship, on the contrary, I have discovered how these technologies can help with self-expressing and self-realization through blogging for example. But on the other side I see on my own eyes how new generations of young people are enslaved by this, and how they are cut off that “real world”, relationships and human contact generally. Maybe they should be taught to turned off their devices and go for walk just to have something to remember on…


    1. My husband and I, each, always read a book or magazine in bed. Or did crossword puzzles, or even write letters. I used to study, he used to look at his work assignment roster. We did not have cell phones then (neither did any one else.) It was pretty much the same thing, each of us doing our own busy work or reading. The difference, I suppose, is that reading needs light…and cell phones have their own light. Another thing, he would have had a fit if I had been gabbing on the cell phone…but he had his emergency scanner sqwaking and beeping all night long (he was a fire-fighter) and if the call tone was right he’d get up and leave the house.
      It looks like the couple in the photo are reading electronic books or mags, OR (My personal favorite) playing games. 🙂

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