grand central station draft

the grand central station of the universe
souls of the travelers
lost in time
waiting eternally for their Lost Ones
waiting for the other shoe to drop
searching for the One that has come and gone
taking along the tattered and lonely souls
and broken hearts existing on the edge
and biding their time in waiting

What track is this?
did I miss my connection?
How far have I traveled afar and wide
should I have waited?
waited for you to return, even though you
said you wouldn’t…or couldn’t
did you say you should not?
though I know you wanted to.

There was never time to see it through
to a conclusion, whatever that could have been
is lost in a never-ending conundrum
what would have happened?


11 thoughts on “grand central station draft

    1. Good golly– WHO published that grand central station thing??? I must stop writing on that Kindle…it always does weird things to me. Thanks anyway! 🙂 What am I up to? just general whacko, I guess.


    1. …I didn’t publish that grand central station thing prematurely–did I? good grief! It is a bit TOO free-form even for me! I was trying to upload an image for my Blogging 101 class on my Kindle Fire…which was not working. So I wrote this as a draft thinking I might be able to pull some good from it this morning. hmmmm, I wonder what it says? I’d blame it on old age, but I was just as air-headed when I was 10.

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  1. I enjoyed your writing, and I think everyone should have one of those -what could have been- scenarios to get them through in life. 😉


      1. LOL! Sure, that too 😉 I also wanted to add that it is so freeing to post your first draft. I highly recommend doing it, and doing it often. You can always go back and edit later.


      2. normally I do post first draft, but with poetry I like to work it over with more of an eye to mechanics. Yes it is freeing indeed, but it wasn’t even a draft for a post, it was a list of ideas. Whatever works… 🙂

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