Why are we here? Why do we blog? observations from the keyboard.

Why Blog?

All it takes to write in a Blog
Is a Writer who is a Blogger
and a Reader who reads Blogs.

If someone is reading that Blog
–even if the blog is about nothing–
then all the components are there:
the Blogger blogs,
and the Reader reads.

And IF he is reading,
and she is blogging,
then there is a connection…
a piece of her mind
–for good or for bad–
is read and ingested
and taken to heart.

So what if the Post is about Nothing?

If its being read… someone is interested,
this is obvious right from the start.
The Key to blogging may be
not so much clever phrases
or figures of speech
as simply a communication.

So, if a blog is about Something
then it can’t be about Nothing.

What does that all mean?

If one is blogging…
well, they are blogging.

and if Reading?
Thank you for reading along!


[Originally published on Sometimes in 2015.)

29 thoughts on “Why are we here? Why do we blog? observations from the keyboard.

      1. in my original scribble of the “curls your toes” poem I had the words “twisted tongue”…and everytime I looked at it it made me uneasy, and I rewrote the line to “chills the heat of the… ?” I need to check, as I re-did the wording twice before publishing it. “twisted” is a good word I guess…LOL

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      2. my problem was when I had windows8.1 it was so bad that I sort of lost my confidence … it was next to impossible for me to get photos onto the site or onto ebay for that mattr. They fixed that, so now its easier. I’m still trying to do it the hard way of course.

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    1. thank you…you are so sweet to say that. I seem to do better with stuff I write off the top of my head then some long thought out pieces.
      I have made writing my top priority…it is the thing that must be done before anything else. For too many years it was more of a reward that never really came true.

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