Another Day, Another Editor

Yay–I think.    I just wrote a brand new post and proceeded to post it to the wrong site.   The Commons.

So then I zapped the post, and came over here to the nice shiny NEW post editor….and in the transfer, lost the thing.

I was actually in the process of working on my blogs an hour ago, and the playing board actually shifted under my feet…literally.   I thought I had done something wrong, which is usually the case.

But now…at this moment…I went over to check to see if my poor lost post was languishing over there in the queue.

and… guess what happened!

It suddenly popped back to the old Edit Post page.

Yes, of course I panicked….it’s the way to go whenever I don’t know what to do–just panic briefly.   It gives a chance to recoup.

I’m posting while I’m ahead….. good luck fellow bloggers everywhere!

13 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Editor

  1. I ran some errands, came back and sat down to write, and wow! it had all changed! As soon as I realized none of my favorite features were missing, I was okay…I’m getting better with change!


  2. What you went through is the fear I have in blogging except in my case through sheer not knowing. And I agree with you that when you get to what looks like the good place to post, then post. At least, the leaders we’ve been working with have dealt with us patiently and positively. Continued good luck! And thanks for sharing the story.


  3. Ah… suggesting mild panic is actually recouping is a positive way to look at it. Have to remember that. Just spent a few hours sitting at an airport in the wee hours trying to book a replacement ticket after my flight was cancelled due to volcanic ash and kept panicking each time I lost or thought I’d lost a link. Now in a cheap hotel that, in daylight hours, possibly rents rooms by the hour! But I have had my head on a pillow. Bliss.


    1. I always love to meet a kindred soul. I have sat in a myriad of airports waiting…and waiting. It is necessary to think of those hotel rooms as if we were the first user. I have had that delicious feeling of having a real bed and pillow. 🙂


  4. Have to admit I don’t know about these ‘Editors’…..Not had any such probs with posting. But then I’m entirely new to WordPress. 👀👀


    1. actually its a good update. My post referred to the sudden appearance of the new editor literally in the middle of a post. 🙂 not confusing exactly, more like shocking!


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