A Gift for Baby


               A GIFT FOR BABY

Hey little baby, what do you say?
I’ve brought you a gift for your birthday.
I think it will be your favorite gift,
I know you will savor it as long as you have it.

Among the bears and baby dolls,
Rattles and things of lullabies,
This gift is perfect for chewing
and feels good to the gums.

This Book is the best gift of all.
With word sounds as nice as they feel.
More precious than other gift buys
That are poorly regarded and soon discarded.

No hard decisions came to mind when
deciding what present to buy.
Price was no object yet the gift that I chose
is not pricey…but priceless.

Literacy the goal–many years hence–
tactile and visual treats for the senses.
All the prerequisites in content and theme
are tactful, thoughtful, and tasty.


Literate for a Day


20 thoughts on “A Gift for Baby

    1. hypothetical post…but more than a grain of truth. All my kids and grands and great-grands are literate minded, and yes their first gift from me was a book.. 🙂 I always give a book as a baby gift.

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    1. it is good to see them reading real books…although they do a lot of their work on computers even in elementary school…computers will never replace paper books for learning


      1. I love computers too, but they can never replace books. Like dictionaries or encyclopedias…the online ones will give us exactly what we want, but not the “extra” information found during the search.

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