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The sticking, tearing sound is ME, being ripped away from my computer.   Theoretically I sit here, in my chair at my keyboard, from the time I get up in the morning — having first started the coffee, fed the cats, and grabbed something for breakfast — for two hours.

In theory.  Actually sometimes I am compelled to sit here until noon…even beyond if there is a lot of feedback traffic on my blog.    My routine is that I check my email, handle any book orders, check several blogs, reply to messages, then write a new blog post.

I know this sounds compulsive and/or obsessive, but hey…I can feel the heads nodding and the clicks of the keyboards out there…I’m preaching to the choir here!

Sometimes I am not literally writing, but working on photos, trying to get my printer to cooperate, or reading other blogs.  I do a LOT of that.   I have about 350 followers and I follow as many blogs as well.   That means that if I am following — I have explored the blog to some practical extent.  I have some at-least-fuzzy recognition of it when I see the blogger’s handle or title of their blog.

I almost without exception comment on the site, even if I get into it and look around and find that I have no relationship with the content.  Once in a great while there is something that I don’t like.   In these cases I do not follow these blogs in the first place.

Gosh!  Every other word in this is I…. I did this, and I did that…what was that old rule that says not to use “I” except very sparingly?   You know, that’s the rule from long ago that was emblazoned on our brains when we were learning to write proper formal letters.    My typing finger DOES twitch when I use the first person, so at least there is some recognition of the rule.   But this particular piece I am writing here is based on the premise that since the topic and theme of the prompt is to chat about what WE personally think and do….well then, it’s OK.

So how do I ever get anything else done? Besides writing, that is?   Well, as I have said elsewhere Writing is now my TOP PRIORITY.   However, there are still “other things” that have to be done.   My son and I have an unwritten agreement about certain household chores…sometimes it is a sort of “stand off” situation where a specific task is not on the Job Description of either of us.

An example of things that I MUST DO…came up over the holiday.   My second daughter’s birthday is November 25, which is always either on or near Thanksgiving Day.      I wanted to make something special for her, so I forced myself to get off the computer chair and onto the “beading chair.”  I have millions of beads…glass, wooden, crystal, turquoise, stone…probably enough beads to reach from here to Chicago if laid end to end along the highway.     (I know, that’s ridiculous–but hey, please work with me here!)

Let’s cut to the chase.   I ran out of procrastinating-time, and dragged out my boxes of beads, selected some nice turquoise stones and black crystals, and created a nice necklace.   Then I helped my son make his sister a necklace himself, so that was a good use (I think) of the time spent watching CNN.

So that is how I take a break from the computer–kicking and screaming being dragged away by Priority Tasks.     There will be a lot of that this next month…another Birthday Daughter next week.   Then a bevy of granddaughters and their daughters who will get holiday gifts hand-crafted By Me.   And of course they all have husbands and sons, but that’s another issue entirely…

Everybody gets a crocheted scarf, too.  And a hat sometimes…although my hats always turn out weird and funky.

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34 thoughts on “Escaping the Computer

  1. My! My! You are ‘blogbound’….;) Was a time when I approximated to your level…..have pared down considerably. Also continue writing…mainly poetry, not all of which will appear her. Still, I keep in touch as much as possible. Hugs! ❤


  2. I’m always fighting with myself about writing and priorities. Many of my relatives talk about how much they read, and I hardly ever find the time to open a book. Oh, well. Writing comes first.

    Please, please post a picture someday of a weird and funky hat. My imagination doesn’t stretch that far.


    1. my hats just are too small, too big, or have odd brims or tassles, or I use the wrong hook for the yarn. my scarves turn out pretty good. This afternoon I made a necklace, but I need to restring it because the cord doesn’t seem tight enough. I would have better results if I would do it right the first time instead of just trying to wing it.

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  3. Wow, a multi-talented blogger! I’d love to see some pix of your necklaces – they sound lovely.
    Yes, I know … superglued to my typing chair. Writing, writing, writing … if only I could do it all day!


    1. I love beading. I’ll post a pic of the necklace I made for my daughter’s birthday. (maybe today) 🙂 I love your blog, found it on one of the blogs we follow in common… I never got to your area (Egypt) when I was traveling. Now I’m too old, but mainly too broke! No more running through airports.

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      1. lol, we don’t run thru the airports anymore either! My husband has a bad back and a replaced knee, so we always get him a wheelchair for the long hauls.
        Maybe cruise ships are more our speed, if we could just save our pennies!

        I’d love to see the pic of the necklace, and btw happy birthday to your daughter! ;^) ❤


      2. The wheelchair option is the way to go when needed. The electric cart is good too, but doesn’t run everywhere. My airport days are pretty much past. I think I’ll post about my wheelchair trip through Houston a few years ago. 🙂

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      3. omg that happened before to my husband – he’s a big guy, and sometimes they send a tiny little woman to push the chair, and have to go up inclines… especially that narrow enclosed ramp from the airplane to the terminal – yikes!!! ;^0


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