Roses supposing it is July

Does anyone remember this old nonsense rhyme?

Moses supposes that roses are toeses

but Moses supposes erroneously.

I snapped this photo this afternoon, just as it was starting to drizzle.  These roses, which go by the name “Knockout Roses,” named for their bright fuscia color.   They are everywhere in this area of Ohio, and one of their delights is their staying-power.  They bloom profusely, and continuously–until they freeze.   A draw-back is that Japanese beetles enjoy the beautiful roses too, and enjoy them way too much some years.  But even after the blooms are devoured by the beetles, they come back in full strength in about a month.   This year, 2015, the beetles were absent, or at least I didn’t see any of them.

These blossoms were discreetly trying to survive just a bit longer, under cover of some yet-green leaves.





28 thoughts on “Roses supposing it is July

    1. I like snow, as long as I don’t have to drive too far in it. i’ve been leery of ice the last few years. I’m trying to get my garage cleared so I can get my van inside. it sure is a nice mild beginning of winter, lets hope the rest of the season is the same. Have you seen my icicle pics from last winter?


      1. if you search on my site “icicles” the posts should come up from March of this year. One is “peril and beauty of ice” and the other is “moon-watching.” 🙂


      2. Were the impressive icicles on your deck? I loved those shots, as well as the ones of the moon. You must reach for your camera as often as I do, maybe more. I love the things you share.


      3. yes, enormous icicles…needless to say we knocked them down before they fell and hurt anyone. 🙂 Since I can’t afford to put a proper roof on my back deck all sorts of interesting things happen out there… The moon reflecting off of that icicle in front is one of the most marvelous sights I’ve ever had…I did put my heavy down vest on over my nightgown when I stepped out there in the cold to take the photos. My little camera needs one of those “finder” alarms like phones have…I spend a lot of time searching for it if I don’t have a pocket to carry it in.


  1. Beautiful roses, I love the color.

    I remember that rhyme from “Singing in the Rain” let’s see what happens when I paste this URL in here from YouTube:

    Okay, that links to the “Moses Supposes” scene! 🙂


    1. Cool, thanks for sending the link. Singing in the Rain is one of my favorite movies, I see it came out in 1952,my last year of high school. That must be where I remembered the rhyme from. I recalled it just as I was doing the post. I loved the scene where they are dancing on the garbage cans in the alley. Thanks for the memory… 🙂

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