The Grimalkins at My House (re-blogged)

This delightful post about Cats is re-blogged from A Scripted Maze (thanks to the author for permission.)

A Scripted Maze

Update on Outside Kitties Glynis Jolly – 2014

In case you’re wondering, the word, grimalkin, means cat. When I read this word in the online thesaurus and then in the dictionary, I latched on to it. It’s a word from the 16th century. I’m wondering why someone hasn’t snatched it for a pet product of some sort.


It’s been about a year since I’ve discussed my cats here at my blog. I’ve thought about mentioning them several times but have always ended up leaving them out of the post for one reason or another. I haven’t taken any recent pictures of my brood either. I just haven’t been interested in the camera.

I’m starting to  diverge. Sorry about that.

The picture above is from about two year ago. Clarisse is a little bigger now and had her first litter of kittens late last  spring. She’s become a bossy and selfish little…

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