If I Ruled the World– truth in nonsense


If I ruled the world
it would be illegal
to ignore your Beagle.

If I ruled the world
we would all be called out
for shouting or being discordant.

If I ruled the world
any good and worthy cause
would require a donation.

If I ruled the world
whenever an unkind word was spoken
the Speaker would forfeit a token.

Ifย  I ruled the world–and I was the Queen
on St. Patrick’s Day each year
all of my subjects would have to wear green.

Rules would be made to be broken
no penalties would ever ensue.
Nothing illegal–except ignoring yourย Beagle!

If I ruled the world.


63 thoughts on “If I Ruled the World– truth in nonsense

    1. ah! there you are… well “they” are saying He won the debate. He just slid down from the bottom in my humble opinion…demonstrating that he knows Nothing about Anything. As do all of his opponents. Bush did ok finally, and my favorite is Lindsay Graham…but that isn’t saying much. I have a little ditty about the warrior mentality of these guys–I’ll post it…it’s pretty bad. LOL

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      1. same here, Latin America/US my main fields, the Europe, with third being China. I taught some World Civ classes as adjunct instructor…Lat Am…but I gave that up as the drive to the university was too far and the pay for adjuncts is pretty dismal.

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      2. we used to joke around about our little maple leaf pins (someone from airline gave them to us) which hinted to nationality but not really subterfuge. Sometimes a maple leaf is just a maple leaf… ๐Ÿ™‚

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      3. I’m off to the pharmacy for son’s meds, and maybe some dinner. I could just sit and write and type indefinitely….now I’m into interest in researching Hypergrafia…fascinating topic but limited.

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      4. he is what political correctness refers to as “slow,” problems from birth. He is now in his 50s…his meds are for arthritis and cholesterol problems, acid reflux…he will eventually need a knee replacement but not until he is older.

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      1. I never did, I stuck the the truth and facts. It worked for me…only had one complaint in 18 years, and the paper stood behind me that time. Bob was the fire chief at the time, which led to a few sticky situations in reporting.

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