The Wannabes Want War …why IS that?

[This is a poem that was published here last month, and I am re-writing it and re-posting it again today.  The original title was A Word to the Not-so-wise.  I have altered the original content and inserted line breaks and punctuation.   The made-up word “Wannabes” refers to the bevy of candidates who want-to-be the next President of the United States.]

The Wannabes want war,
but see what happened last time
they got a war?   A lot of death and
destruction–worse off than before.

The Wannabes say these nations have bad,
evil dictators in charge–who kill and maim
and terrorize.   Their solution?
replace them with somebody worse.

That means it matters little what evils
they perpetrate–as long as they do
whatever  the Wannabes want them to.

Stop talking and trying to rationalize
the need for a peaceful solution.
It’s easier to send “boots” in on the ground,
than to bother with negotiation.

So the saviors get tougher
as the innocents suffer
–too bad if they get in the way.

The Wannabes say: have no worries
about collateral damage,
just go in on a rampage–
let God sort it out in the end.

Meanwhile the Wannabes spout
their rhetoric
and bang the drums
for swift retribution and War.

The clueless, or thoughtless,
glorify hegemonic influences.
As long as the outcome has profit–
who cares how harmonic?

We would all do well to remember
what happened before
when the Wannabes were last in position
to tout their own reckless solutions

–to destroy and bow to promotion of War.


12 thoughts on “The Wannabes Want War …why IS that?

  1. The Caliphate fighters are wannabes too … more power, more money, more violence, more control, more more more … that’s a very well-expressed poem. Thanks!


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