Chloe’s pursuit of romance

She is quite naivé, not worldly, wise or blasé
tho’… sometimes it’s difficult to tell.
Some days she dances to enhance her chances
as her mood swings follow her temper.
A string on her finger helps her to remember
the best ways to act to secure her romances.

She once had a beau, his name was Joe.
It was a good name for Chloe’s beau.
She kept his picture on top of her bureau.
Chloe wore lots of lace around her face,
and all of her dresses were blue.

He was certainly bolder than other boys she knew
but she was sure that what he told her was true.
Tho’ her father called him “riff-raff,” she was wiser by half
and had forgotten more than Joe ever knew…
and Chloe always had the last laugh.


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