Pollyanna & Me

Pollyanna skips to my lou, happy and gay…every day.
Sadness and madness is not in her itinerary
No matter what bad news, or negative views
She always has something happy and pleasant to say,
and spreads smiles amd sunshine to cheer the wary.

Oh yes, she is my ideal, and I try to emulate her appeal.
My glass, like Pollyanna’s, is always more than half-full
and dark days and dark thoughts are simply awful,
so I strive and survive, and always try to ignore any pull
from the sadness and madness-not in my vocabulary.

Seeing the good in all people–even the bad people
has advantages over seeking bad traits in good people.
Expecting the worst and bracing for evil is never the solution,
for negative thoughts and expectations requires–absolution.
Forgive and try to forget.  This is what Pollyanna would do.


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