Once and Later (for Creative Circle)


PLEASE NOTE:   This post and the above photo is a prompt choice from Kruti Mehta’s new challenge called Creative Circle.   The challenge was to choose a prompt OR photo from Kruti’s list, and write a post about it.   This photo of the woman at the mirror intrigued me, and I chose it to post about.  This could have been a photo of me, back in the day.  Well, except for a couple of details 🙂   I was younger than she, and not any where near as sophisticated  …although the hair is the same, and the face (if she was wearing glasses she would look a lot like I did back then, in about 1954.

Now let me say this…after posting this (out of the blue) with no explanation at first, I had second thoughts about it.   So…I deleted the post.   But then, as I was looking through some photo albums, searching for a specific photo, I was struck again by the resemblance.  So I re-posted it.

Here is a selfie of me…in 2015.  Looking instead of a mirror, into a camera lens, reflected in a glass door.  Sometimes when I look in the mirror my mind’s eye reminds me of the ME in the red gown.   Actually I never wore a dress like this, and formals that I did wear were more of the prom-dress or bridesmaid-dress variety with lots of poof and net and tulle…not sophisticated and sleek like the red dress.



26 thoughts on “Once and Later (for Creative Circle)

  1. Wow! When I saw that first pic…before scrolling down….I thought….Phew! Stunning…wondering whether whether this might be you…..Had a feeling it would approximate to you. Yes! Having seen ‘you’ in the lower one I was NOT disappointed. Stunning! Thanks for sharing…..Hugs! ❤


    1. you got out of that one deftly! I should have explained that Kruti’s prompt was the first picture and it nudged me. I did have dark hair like that…never quite that sophisticated though. Several decades make a big different in appearance, but not really in the heart of the creature. 🙂

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