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GUESS WHO THIS IS…. or I should say WAS, a few decades ago.  Frosty himself is always around, of course, but Frosty Wannabes just live on in newspaper articles and– now, BLOGS.     (This photo originally appeared on Page One in the Elyria, Ohio Chronicle Telegram, a long time ago…early 1970s.)

Yes, that is ME in the Frosty suit…dancing and hopping down the middle of main street in the Christmas Parade.   Obviously wouldn’t be caught in real life carousing down the street–but it was great fun, and the kids absolutely loved it.   Those were some of the best costumes…brand new when we got them…if this turns out as I want it to I’ll post some pictures of the other great costumes worn in that parade by city hall workers.     🙂


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    1. I put all this stuff in big albums. My kids…especially my grandkids drag those books out every time they bring someone new to visit. I cropped a lot of ho-hum photos and stuck them in…they are SO fun to look at!+- years and years of long-passed friends, and all kinds of pets and little kids who have their own grandchildren now. I think I’ll do a blog post… 🙂

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