Follow where life leads

Follow where life leads

Never be afraid to alter the course of life’s road.
There is no limit, no closed doors…
Sleep refreshes, a pause to rest
and plan to choose which bend to follow
when the morning begins, and the Sun rises
and shines on an original plateau.

Marking a line to North or to West implies no pact
to heed to the path of yesterday’s heading
to South or to East.Β  Each life moment is unique,
and subject to reversal or alteration.
Never be afraid to turn around the itinerary
to embark on an entirely fresh way to go.


39 thoughts on “Follow where life leads

  1. Good advice, nicely written, GMama.
    BTW, a book I ordered for Mrs. Jim came today, “a Grandmother’s Prayers.” Free from “Our Daily Bread” people.

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      1. or skim it…certain words lose me right off, no trying to convert me or get me to eat vegetables…change my politics… talk about religion. cussing is ok within reason. πŸ™‚


  2. Sometimes it’s right to follow a chosen path, come what may … and sometimes that can become a straitjacket and cause us to be fearful of change. We need to be adaptable and prepared for the twists and turns of life, and wise to know whether to follow, or to strike out a different path.


  3. sorry for taking so long to respond – work has been so busy that I’m only now making the rounds. Thanks for adding your voice to the prompt – you proffer sage counsel ~


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