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  1. This stone is also known as the Aztec Sun Stone. This design is a favorite of mine, I have photos that we took in the museum in Mexico City. I’ve been planning a post, but when I saw this one on the math site it is such good and accurate information that I posted this one.

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      1. cool! I haven’t been there, we got to a lot of sites in Mexico, the roughest one was Coba’ in Yucatan…from the top of the big one I could see numerous others in the jungle that were not yet open. Coba wasn’t yet well know when we were there, late 1980s. I need to drag out those photos…a lot of them are in slides, though, which may be a problem.


  2. There was a lot of misinformation at the millenium about the Mayan calendar…which is not the same as the Aztec Calendar…although “they” said it was. The Mayans did a lot with numbers, and with dates, but a lot of the prophecy stuff was hype which the end-of-the-world folks spun. (oh-oh, sorry about the lecture-mode.) 🙂


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