Time observation

Is it Time that is marching on?
Or is my theory correct…
that it is We who are doing the marching.
Time is eternal, always has been, always will be.
Each marcher, or plodder, or slider-through
creates a unique flow of life
through a life span
directed or choreographed
by circumstances or environment
punctuated by genetics.
We get the hand we are dealt, (to use the cliché)
as tiny new humans, each fresh and unique.
Everything else notwithstanding
affects our perspective…
though each life is a true tabla rosa,
–before the chisel is applied to the stone.
Awaiting the scroll to begin to unroll,
endless and blank ’til imprinted with tones.
Time may not be moving at all,
it is We that are moving steadily along,
cutting new paths as we move through each year.
We follow each turn and curve of the road,
forging ahead with evolving blueprints…
which when ended will be a slice of Time
Past–but well expended.


21 thoughts on “Time observation

  1. Profound, apt and very topical reflection on ‘Time’…..as it ‘was’, ‘is’ and ‘ever shall be’……We pass through…… Hugs! ❤


      1. Krista or someone mentioned it before the commons closed…and it is on The Daily Post. I like to do a class every month so I keep my hand in. There is only one this time, the Blogging 101….. I’ve taken it before but its always different. 🙂

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