Why am I here, blogging?

[Day One,Blogging 101 Jan2016: Who am I and why am I here?]
Re-Blogged on August 29, 2016

I love blogging!   My blog was born in 2011, but except for a very small number of posts it has sat dormant until November of 2014, when I decided to start this blog, Sometimes, and I have written something almost every day since.

At various times in my life I have started a personal journal, but never got very far with it.   So when I decided to get into blogging I set about designing my blog and filling it with all kinds of writing: prompts, travel accounts, a wide range of personal chats…some serious, others intended to be humorous.    That went along OK, so I branched out into photography–pictures of my cats and my back deck, my “tree garden,” and snow.   And writing poetry…my newly found passion for rhyming.

The reason I decided to blog is simple–maybe a bit far-out, but simple–at least in theory, once my writings leave my fingertips and are launched into cyberspace they bounce around among the stars indefinitely.   It is appealing to me to think that at some far-off future someone, somewhere…something maybe…will be reading my memoirs.   WHY would they do that?  I have no idea, except maybe because they can?

At one time I hesitated to write because I was unsure Who might ever read my words…or When, or Where.  But then I realized that once I launch this deathless prose into infinity it has at least the possibility of someone reading it.  No one MUST read it…but it is out there, and if no one ever reads it–so what?   The point is that I will have made an effort to get my stuff down in words and into the wide blue yonder.

I’m a dreamer, too.   And a historian, writer, student…gardener (of sorts) and I know my way around a crochet needle (no fancy stitches though.)  Yes, and some people even think I’m weird!  Really…

Just joshing… I love blogging, I love being part of this 101 Blogging course and other WordPressUniversity courses I have taken.   The reasons for loving being in “school” again is that I meet so many cool and interesting people around the world.   I have learned SO much about all kinds of things from the blogging community.

And…last but not least, a real bonus is that the WordPress support people are more or less always lurking in the background waiting for one of us to spring a question…or better yet, a solvable ISSUE which they can just toss off the tip of their tongues, but which WE will cherish and for which we will be eternally grateful.

No one ever snickers, either…maybe some eye-rolling, but all correspondence is treated with respect and reverence…  I will quit here before I get carried away.



54 thoughts on “Why am I here, blogging?

      1. registered nurses (RNs) are on a pay level approximately as police officers or fire fighters. My oldest is ready to retire this year at 30 years, her hospital is a big city “charity” hospital, she does spinal cord injury care. A lot of kids shot in the city streets, or victims of terrible traffic accidents…paralyzed. Good pay but very very hard work!

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      2. Living in India I have really no idea of pay scales in Yours, my Dear Gradmama! But in India, ALL government employees are generally Well paid, for very little work!

        My Love and Regards to You All.


      3. that’s the way of the world, a government job at any level is good to have for many reasons in any country. I have not been to India, but did travel a lot in Mexico back country and remote indigenous villages. Very interesting. I wish I had begun to travel much earlier in my life. Maybe in my next life?

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  1. I hear many kindred souls in this article as well as in the comment section! My biggest issue is that there is so much stuff out there already, who in the blazes is going to be interested in anything I have to say — especially since it has already been said 1,001 times already! But I getcha. Writing is just something that you gotta do.


  2. You wrote about hoping someday someone will want to read what you wrote. I know I’ve done some research with Ancestry.com recently and I would love to have diaries or journals or any sort of writings from my forebears. Not that I’m calling you an ancestor — that comes later — but I would devour that sort of writing!!


    1. my grat grandmother wrote very interesting things in her journals. Some of my grandchildren like to read what gt.gram wrote; some follow my blog. I love to read the old diaries written by soldiers of any era…prolific writers can leave a lot of cool stuff behind.

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      1. I agree, and I think if the writing comes from the heart, that’s the best. I would imagine writing by soldiers could be heart-wrenching at times. I also think it’s great that some of your grandchildren follow your blog!


    1. I will, I think. I have made writing my top priority, which is a wonderful thing for me…I have always waited to write as a “reward” but now I write and then do other stuff when I have time. It works for me.


  3. Everything you said resonates with me!

    My current blog is my latest attempt to start a diary or a blog. Previously I was terrible with keeping either up and my rather untidy penmanship doesn’t help with the diary. I love the idea of writing for myself and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered a community.


    1. yes, the community part of it is great…I enjoy it and its nicer than email for a quick note. The thing about a handwritten diary is that so few…if any…others ever read it. My great-grandmother kept a diary for years, and she always had cool stuff to chat about…the Goodyear blimp, elections, temperance…. interesting reminiscenses. She wrote about her boyfriend/husband, who was a soldier in the Civil War…that is interesting, and she chatted about her childhood in England. Not many people have read her diaries though, she had them, then my grandmother, then me…and my kids look through them now and then, but they aren’t really into it.

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