Farewell the Muse

I’ll never write another word
–ever– I think, maybe a bit longer.

The Muse has left me, alone and mute
singing quietly inside…but it isn’t writing
not bringing forth words of rhyme
or golden thoughts or phrases that soar
with the uplifting quality that speaks of fulfillment
of the annunciation of the soul
(if that is even the right word.)

What does that mean?   My Muse does not respond.
Silence echoes across the lines, across the fields,
rich and full, and absence of sensation…or character.
There is no solution, no evolution…no rhythmic flow
of syllables, or stanzas, flights of fancy…
clever ways to express a notion
…or just to form  a simple phrase–
no silver tinged sunsets,
no tales from the depths of despair…
no soaring ecstasy of the bliss of a kiss.
Words which once were at the edges of my
repertoire –within easy reach of the empty voice–
now unknown to the barren and lonely page.

Then suddenly–as swiftly and silently as its sad departure–
My Muse is back!
Filled as ever with words and phrases–as  rapture
poignant, sad and delirious–silly and serious,
wisdom and whimsy, sense and nonsense–
my writer’s fickle heart welcomes
the return of the Muse
to fuel the rebirth of my soul.

©Sometimes, 2016

28 thoughts on “Farewell the Muse

  1. I wish that mine would come back. I sometimes feel like we are in a perpetual game of hide-and-seek. I have been trying to awaken the muse with formula poetry. Usually, my poems just hit me and are not at all planned. They are straight from the heart. Maybe the muse will get so tired of me following a defined formula that it will come out of hiding so that I can really write again. 🙂

    You did a fine job with this!


      1. Formulas as least have me writing something and sometimes that something sparks a from-the-heart poem or story. 🙂
        If she has her own ideas of what to say, I wish she’s speak up already. haha
        Have a blessed day!


      2. yes, the formulas help to jog my creativity too. I like the exercises that give a dozen words and ask for a story or poem using most of them. (Wordles) I did one about a Moose recently…fun and silly.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank you! I am glad that you’re enjoying my site. I am enjoying yours, too. I have another blog, too. It is linked in the menu bar at McClendon Villa. David’s blog is linked there, too. He’s my husband. Have fun with your Wordles! 🙂


      4. I have that problem, too. David says that I should just post everything to both of them. I do post some things on both blogs, but I like to have some things different on each of them, too. It is hard to decide sometimes where to place a particular post. 🙂 Have a great weekend!


    1. Hi…I LOVE your photos on your site, I’ll comment over there…alligators! I know no alligators, just raccoons and possums, deer, and lots of cats. The escalator picture with the boy waving is priceless…brings tears to my eyes.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you. That boy is our youngest son, who went into the Marine Corps on 1 June 2014. We miss him so very much.
        We have raccoons and possums here, too. I haven’t seen any deer in our neighborhood. I’m just waiting to see if we’ll end up with a gator in the yard at some point. Goodness knows we get enough snakes around here. 🙂
        Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Have a blessed day. 🙂


  2. So where’d the muse go? How did you get it back? Inquiring minds, you know, want to know. Actually, this is all to say that I like the situation created in the poem and how the sadness is expressed. Then sudden joy!


    1. I was in one of my down-moods, so I just started writing a ramble of nonsense. It was pretty rough, of course, but it shaped up in the re-writing. Its sort of like doodling…but with words. I like to write that way, andd often it works well for me. Of course a lot of that style of writing turns out to be utterly unacceptable….junk.


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