Hi to my Readers…which includes Everyone

[Blogging 101 assignment for Day Four, identify your audience.]

As indicated in my title of this post, there is really no specific intended audience or readership.  Right now I have readers and/or followers from just about any category of possible bloggers who are interested in my blog.

This includes young students, teenagers, young mothers…no, let me rephrase that:  young parents, political heavy-leaners, carpenters, education, news coverage, college professors, poets, photographers, artists, beauty and health practitioners, religious leaders, human-rights workers, gardeners…and lots of writers who define themselves as “Bloggers.”

I could not pinpoint an exact focus on my blog, which is called Sometimes: Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why.   Please forgive me if I mixed up the order there.  🙂     I deliberately set up my tag line like that because I want to be free to write about anything that strikes my fancy.     I may write about CNN one day, or cats, or countries I have visited…snow, opinion on any number of subjects, childhood, the future…Death, animal rights, drones, stupidity, math… few restrictions.

As for keeping some semblance of order in my blog, I depend on Categories to sort the posts.   That way it is possible to at least try to sort out topics so a reader who is not interested in reading my Poetry can skip it and go to Fiction, or see photos of my cats, or my yard which I loosely call a “garden.”

In a nutshell…my goal is to write about things that I think will appeal to a wide variety of people.     I work hard not to offend anyone, and so far so good on that score.  No one is obligated to follow me or even ever visit my blog.  Of course the same is true for me…it I don’t want to follow a given blog–I don’t.

There are people that don’t like me–really!–and I can be annoying at times.  I respect everyone’s opinion and treat all comments and points-of-view with respect. Agreeing with me is NOT a prerequisite for following my blog and commenting–although I insist on the same respect for MY opinions and sometimes radical viewpoints.  I am very opinionated, mouthy, and often launch into “lecture mode” about some subjects.   I don’t claim to know everything…but the few things that I DO know I love to talk about.

So, that’s why I say my blog is written for EVERYBODY… or maybe I should say ANYBODY who is interested.





24 thoughts on “Hi to my Readers…which includes Everyone

  1. One can never tell who…or what sort of person will be attracted to one’s post. The written word requires a ‘reader’ to bring it to ‘life’. 😉


  2. Write and they will come. 🙂 I don’t think you should be concerned with offending anyone, there’s the unfilled button if anyone is too sensitive.


  3. Greetings Gradmama. As I catch up, visit all those I am following in this new year, I once again happy to see your Welcome header pic! It’s so lovely! And I adore (am I correct, salamanders? Geckos?) Either way, I adore and respect all beings who live on this ‘big blue marble.’

    Hoping this New Year going well



    1. How nice to hear from you! The critter in my welcome header pic is actually some type of metal. I bought this plague and one of Kokopelli somewhere in Tucson. I too am a HUGE fan of all sorts of critters… when you’re on my blog please search opossums and raccoons…and my cat shelters. 🙂


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