forlorn, so be forewarned

All right…you win.
you have succeeded in reducing
me to tears–again.

I admit it is not so unusual.
You think my heart is rechargeable,
that just because you hear no sobs
you think I have remarkable
strength and persistence….
when in fact I am beaten and
heart-sick at sitting here alone–
with no idea where to turn.

Our relationship has been good,
with only occasional heartache
as you sit there blinking,
or whirring…or devoid of ink.
One of these days I will break down
and give in…I think its time
to head for the printer store.


34 thoughts on “forlorn, so be forewarned

      1. I ordered one online, should get it today. Printer ink is so darn expensive, but if I didn’t print postage online I’d be running up to the post office all the time. ๐Ÿ™‚ My postman/woman also takes packages…which I appreciate very much even though I know its their job.

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      2. our city has been hampered by oligarchic control…we have no adequate shopping facilities because of the :”whatever it is we are against it” mentality. (I guess that’s not just a local problem.) This is still relatively “farming” areas.

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      3. local residents…old-timers, city founders, old families, neighbors who do not want development, these people march up to the planning and zoning commission meetings and block rezoning…etc. big landowners… The problem in towns like this is not Big Business, but rather lack of commercial development on purpose.

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      4. our neighbor town to the North was the same as here until about 15 years ago when the “old guys” died and their heirs sold the land and huge shopping areas sprung up. One guy there used to grow radishes…and drove around in his ancient Rolls Royce…he owned thousands of acres. He and others like him controlled the zoning laws, kept the taxes low and the infrastructure minimum.

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  1. I was feeling so sorry for you, and then I laughed that I was going in the wrong direction. It wasn’t a person, but a printer, that was causing your anguish. I’m here to share your feelings of frustration. While my husband was taking our grandson back to New Jersey, I installed a new router. The router was my Christmas present to him, along with the installation of it. I knew I’d have to connect the printer at some point, but I put it off. Today was reckoning day. He tried to print something, and of course it didn’t work. These things are not intuitive for me. Half a frustrated hour later, I had it hooked up. The printer now works for me, but not for him. Good luck with yours.


    1. hee hee…gotcha! My printer was out of black ink, and it only took me about three hours to figure that out. Printers need a lot of TLC…I’m never rude to it. LOL I have a new router, which works just fine now. No amount of sweet talk worked on my old router.

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