Early, Early Spring

‘Twas the end of December, meant to be cold to the core
the trees had gone bare just a month before,
expecting to prepare for a long wait ’til Spring…
stalwart and ready for snow on all things.

Tentative buds consider release from their cases,
birds flex fluffy feathers, flattened to cool…
as rabbits and groundhogs peep from their caves
the deer relax in their safe warming refuge.

The red poppy has rushed its green laces,
daffodils and tulips have sent up scouts–
green petals and blades show their faces,
peeking above ground are wee infant sprouts.
Bewildered roses ponder in sheltered spaces.

Go back to sleep for the rest of the Winter–
keep dreaming of sweet, sun-warmed days
and gentle rain showers soon to come hither.
Soon the coldest months of the year will be past
and lovely Spring will be here –at last.


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