Tinkerbell and Baby… through the glass door

The photo in my header is one I took from inside my kitchen.  Playing around aimlessly with my camera is one of my favorite things to do.  Most of the resulting photos never see the light of day…at least by anyone other than me…but others keep beckoning to be published at the top of my blog, Sometimes.

Regular visitors will recognize my favorite vantage points for staging my pictures: my back deck, my front deck, assorted windows, and the outdoors within the confines of my yard.  In this photo I am inside, shooting the reflection through the glass door.

There are two cats in this photo: Tinkerbell and Baby.

Tinkerbell is old, in her 18th year–even older than I am (in cat years.)  I think that would make me 126…or is it 101.3?  Is that even possible?  My math skills, which never were always below-adequate, fail me when applied with paper and pencil.   It is immaterial, I suppose.  I read recently that some breeds of cat have a life expectancy of 20 years…or more.

Baby has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, also known as “tumbling kitten,” a condition that is very serious in that it affects the motor skills of kittens, causing them to tumble head-over-heels, fall over because they cannot stand, and wobble uncontrollably.    Baby   was fortunately less crippled from her condition than other kittens, especially her sister, who could not balance for more than one or two steps before going into the “swimming-like” movements which are typical of such kittens.

Baby was well accepted by the other house cats, including Tinkerbell…who as a general rule hates kittens.  Baby trips and otherwise loses her balance, and she has a very heavy step rather than light-footed as are most cats.  She has a gait much like a colt or other hoofed-animal, and does not curl up in a ball as most cats do.


I changed the colors on my blog, too.  As for the theme, which is Colinear, I have decided to keep it for the time being, at least.  I like the way it works, and the theme has all of the features that I like.    I do need some widget work…I often think of widgets I want to add or change, but by the time I get to the change page I forget what I wanted to do.   🙂

Why fix if it ain’t broke?




16 thoughts on “Tinkerbell and Baby… through the glass door

      1. I have a huge Maine Coon (about 14) that when he senses a change in the situation he disappears into the basement and stays there until he knows who has arrived. 🙂 Tinkerbell immediately jumps on the table, and defies removal…if a visitor has a notepad or briefcase or somethings, Tinky will sit on it to say that she is the Cat and sits where she wants. 🙂


  1. Thank you for sharing notes about the cats. I’m sorry for Baby’s condition. Animals often seem to adapt in remarkable ways. I hope that’s how it is with Baby. I’ve known two cats who reached twenty-two. My cat who died about two years was nearly twenty herself. So I’d say let’s keep good thoughts for Tinkerbell.


    1. Baby is a very happy and active little cat, and it is fortunate for her that she moved indoors when she did as she could not have survived outside. She is able to maneuver stairs, and jump and run, which she does almost straight-legged. She’s a bit clumsy, and falls over easily. Tinkerbell is in good shape so far, getting thinner.


      1. thanks, Badfish…I like the way Tinkerbell seems to flying. A few minutes ago as my machines were warming up I was thinking about you and wondering if you tried the honey for your cough. I think what it does is sooth the rawness and provide a break from hacking. A residual cough is the worst part as far as I’m concerned. (psuedo-medical advice is free.) 🙂


  2. I have never heard of ‘tumbling kitten’ – poor little thing! But she has love and care and will take herself for granted. I do like your background. It’s a very restful colour.


    1. Thanks, I like the softer colors too. That tumbling kitten isn’t the real term, its really a very serious condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. The “tumbling” nickname came from U-Tubers who thought the little kittens with this condition were “cute.” sigh… some pics I found on line showed actual physical devices that someone made for kittens like this…quite a hoot!

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    2. Baby’s mother had a genetic defect, I believe. She had other defective kittens, but after Baby and her sister we had Peggy fixed so that she would not have to deal with the problem again…she is an outside cat, one that lives in my shelter.

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