A laughing matter (Re-Blogged from Out an’ About)

(I fell in love with this lovely Kookaburra… a visitor on blogger Miriam’s  deck. Charming! A quarter of me (geneologically speaking) is Australian, so critters such as these warm my heart!) Thanks SO much for making that REBLOG button available!  The link to Miriam’s gorgeous site is    https://outanabout.wordpress.com/2015/12/10/a-laughing-matter/    There is a lot more great stuff where this came from!)

Out an' About

I had an interesting visitor today. He laughed a lot, although he didn’t come inside, he was quite content to sit on my decking. He was small, fat and very cute and I’m not talking about an early visit from Santa Claus.


When I snapped this first photo of the Kookaburra from inside he seemed to be inviting me out.

So out I walked, slowly, carefully, so as not to scare him. He seemed unfazed, just curious of me and he let me get within a foot of him.  I could have reached out and touched him. He was craning his neck both ways, fluffing his feathers, almost showing off.  I swear he was posing for me.

20151210_155126.jpg 20151210_155251.jpg20151210_155134.jpg 20151210_155244.jpg

A family of Kookaburras have been laughing in the gum trees in our backyard for a while, marking their territory, but it’s been a long time since one actually visited. Today two came.

Perhaps they know Christmas is coming.

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14 thoughts on “A laughing matter (Re-Blogged from Out an’ About)

    1. He is the first I have ever seen up close…or ever, for that matter, so I know nothing. I just know it was love at first sight. 🙂 I wish I could see him in person.


      1. I’ve only seen them in zoos and I don’t remember their being white and fluffy. I thought perhaps these were the baby down feathers! At any rate, I’ve never heard of their getting this up close and personal. I want a stuffed animal exactly like this cutie, and I haven’t had a stuffed animal since I was 9!!!!


      2. The blogger, Miriam I think is her name, has these guys in her gum trees…how cool is that! I love her site, just found it yesterday. Since she lives in the neighborhood maybe she can refer you to a souveneir stuffed one.


      3. I should have Google imaged this little creature before venturing an opinion. I see that they do have white chests and they all look cute and fluffy like this, so perhaps it is an adult. I also thought when you said “this blogger” that you were talking about yourself…On second reading I see this was a reblog. I need to go more slowly!!! xo


      4. I went back in and elaborated on the re-blog information…if you get a chance will you please look at it? I knew I needed to be more specific because on this re-post I have had a number (too many) who thought that it was MY Kookaburra and my photos. I wish! My grandfather was born in Australia, but technically I believe Australian is not a genetic term. A teacher told my little grandson once that “No One was born in Australia.” uh…?


  1. So happy to see my little guy reblogged on your site. We still have the kookaburras visit us every now and then and often here them laughing in the gum trees in our backyard. Cheers, Miriam

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