Orange Cat in a Box

A Cat in a Box is Easy to see
when She wants to be.
cat          She will come out when you call her,
if you ask her nice…
and show her some mice.
If she feels like it, she will stay to play
or to nap–either way.


This concrete poem is my entry in Khruti Mehta’s challenge “Constructive Poetry.”



15 thoughts on “Orange Cat in a Box

    1. I used to do stuff like this on my typewriter…the platen thingy could be moved in incremental spaces to do some fun stuff, and since it was on a piece of paper it could be manipulated side-ways and upside down. Glad you liked it…I always like a challenge.

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      1. I did back in the day…before computer came within my reach I had many manual typewriters, the was saving up to buy an IBM Selectric II when I realized I had enough to buy a real computer. Story post alert!!! Go to a place like Goodwill or etc. and find an old typewriter…its the same keyboard QWERTY as now…so its just a matter of getting used to. Great blog idea for you–back to the stone age. hahaha My grandfather was a typewriter salesman in the late 1800s.

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      2. or you could look online. You don’t need an antique one, something from the 80s when computers first became available to the masses 🙂 The later the better in view of availability of ink ribbons. You could also ask at someplace like Kinko’s…where there is likely to be someone who actually knows! 🙂

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      3. don’t worry about how it looks, but test out all the keys that they work well and are not too hard to push…also that all the characters actually print…. and the “daisy wheel” printer thingy is good…excuse me for being bossy. That’s how I am.

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      4. FYI the older manual typewriters were easier to use for drawing “pictures” because of the non-electric mechanisms, as I recall. By the way, we are only talking back to the 1980s, maybe 70s. There were Royal, Underwood, great name-brands lasted forever and what we used at the newspaper where I worked before the paper went computerized.

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      5. its fun to watch little kids soaking up information like sponges…this is how we learn. Some people think when a new innovation comes out the old is passe’ and quaint…not so, it is just a state of evolution in technology.

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