A note about re-blogging

I am working on the Re-Blog feature, namely attribution aspects.   Often some one else’s posts are mistaken for my own personal work, and not identified sufficiently as re-blogs.   In the introduction to the re-posts I want to get across specific and adequate information as to the origin, author, link/url … and also include a comment of my own about why I am doing the re-post.

Another thing, I would like to have a way to smoothly link-to, or add-to the re-blogged post related posts of my own.

Suggestions welcome, as usual…


16 thoughts on “A note about re-blogging

    1. My example is the re-blog yesterday about the Kookaburra… I didn’t write it or post it, and I’ve never been near Australia even…but who the author was isn’t clear. I am just concerned that proper credit be given when due.
      YOU always do the thing right…when you re-blog a poem. It is clear from the very top of the post that it is being reposted. There’s no question about it ever… no need to think about who the author is. SO you are probably the example I want to follow.

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