Using Time Bonus

I never have had trouble killing time, as they say, although many times “found” time is a bonus for me.  This is because it is usually time spent in a waiting room somewhere, an airport, in-between classes…wherever there is nothing to do but sit.  Watching people is great fun, and that is one of the perks about waiting rooms, there are always people waiting too, or workers performing interesting tasks.

If the readership here was not made up almost exclusively of other Writers, I wouldn’t dream of revealing publically that I just spent two hours sitting alone in a waiting room, writing in a tiny notebook as fast as my fingers would scribble–about a fish tank.  A giant fish tank, really well appointed with lovely fish of all persuasions, and of all things amazing…the feature is a giant navy submarine, sunken in the center of the scene at the ocean floor, its side all burst out and a big part of it ripped from the hull.

The ill-fated vessel has no identification, such as a national flag, or other information, but…well I know a navy submarine when I see one, even if it is at the bottom of a fish tank.

Yes, I did write a poem about it, plus a rambling but astute dissertation about fish and fish tanks politics.  I will publish that soon.  There is a photo, too!

While hanging around my little notebook also recorded an observation about Donald Trump and the Great Saga of the Two Debates.     Oh, and some notes about the value of knowing languages other than one’s own…and my friend from Korea with whom I conversed for weeks with no mutual language.

I am very easily entertained.  🙂




27 thoughts on “Using Time Bonus

    1. how’s the vision? I got glasses finally when I was nine years old, should have had them years before…still remember “seeing” leaves on trees, texture on the walls, blades of grass…really memorable experience. 🙂

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      1. Improving….will take time. Don’t mind as long as the mistiness clears completely…..Thankfully, the other eye is working well. Our eyes are so essential…..Hugs! ❤


      2. now about twenty years after my cataract surgery, my vision is good…didn’t need glasses for a long time, but since I had worn them for so long I felt incomplete 🙂 … one eye is long sight, the other close-up. I never read with glasses. It takes a little while to readjust to one’s visionary quirks. 🙂

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  1. I like the fish of all persuasions. Methodist fish, Baptist fish, Catholic fish, Buddhist fish, maybe even agnostic fish. Thanks for writing everywhere (well, presumably, everywhere safe). It’s a good example for us all.


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