Fish Tank Mystery World


neon hued
We all live in a sunken submarine.
blue white
silver streaks
dart to and fro
In and Out Among shadowy beauties
like sunlit souls
make believe
Mean beauties, aloof glorious Angels
no cares
intent hidden
Life in  complete happy  ecocosm
food, fresh air
no rules
No searching for answers of origin of cold steel among the anemones.


13 thoughts on “Fish Tank Mystery World

    1. thank you…for some reason I am highly hyper…maybe my meds? Yesterday the Doc called in a prescription for some thyroid medicine…couldn’t wait til I see him next week for my hand. (I am such a hypochondriac 🙂 have to have blood work again in a month. Such a nunance as Patsy would say,

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      1. I seem to be exceptionally prolific with my deathless prose and rhymes. Today is Scott’s birthday, he is 53…or 54. I shall make him a German chocolate cake with the goopy topping. 🙂

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      2. I need to go and get the ingredients. I got him a small kindle tablet…same as mine because I can help him with it, not easy if its a different brand like the one he has now. Amazon had them for about $50.00, came to $97 with warranty and other accessories.

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      3. he has one which is an off brand, works ok but it is hard to work…and it literally resets itself to Chinese. Really…it’s crazy. He mainly plays games, does the weather, a bit of Walker, Texas Ranger (Chuck Norris) videos etc. He is not allowed on Facebook. His mean mother nipped that in the bud…

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