37 thoughts on “Patience

      1. I must be obtuse today, several others misunderstood me…maybe seriouly its a reaction to a new thyroid medicine the doc called in for me.. I am also winding down on prednisone for a wrist issue. I am very hyper today. 🙂

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      2. actually I slept like a baby. I am about done with the prednisone, but this new thyroid stuff is just starting. I can always call the pharmacy or the Doc’s office, and I have three daughters who are nurses. (I dont want to hear any lectures though, if you catch my drift…)

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      3. she will appreciate that very much! Besides physically taxing, there is a lot of psych-type work with these spine injuries. She’s good at it, has a lot of gang-bangers with gunshot wounds and the like…everyone is exactly equal with her.

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