Slingin’ Smack

Donald Trump
is no horse’s rump
no matter what I say.

This is a man with
a Midas’ Touch, who
slays rival politicos
…like the old knights
slew dragons.

They could all learn a lesson
from The Donald…
the more wheels spin the
deeper they dig in the mud–or muck.
As the saying goes: you can’t Con a Con!

What are the other R’s thinking?
Instead of leaping on each other
like a pack of hyenas…
why not take the chance to
beat their own drums?

Bush-whacking Jeb  is
counter productive.
Who cares if Ted’s a Canuck?
fussing and calling other guys names
just doesn’t work.

Tell us what you’re going to do–
not what others didn’t do,
won’t do, can’t do…
and know what you are talking about–
or at least make something up.

Hype is hype–if you are a politician
no one believes you any way.
All you have to do is say
“I didn’t SAY that, and if I did…
the press got it wrong.”


27 thoughts on “Slingin’ Smack

    1. thanks, I always enjoy your comments and your blo. Ii am honored that you nominated me for tye award. However, I dont accept awards, although I appreciate the sentiments. 🙂


      1. The later I’m afraid. H’s former State IG top-secret Friday document dump, Trump’s ground-game, the forecasted Iowa Blizzard for Tuesday….do folks stock up Monday night in lieu of going to caucus. Bernie going negative with a 30 sec spot, and is there a Marco bounce. Lot’s of jokes to jump into.


    1. just waiting with bated breath to see if the good voters in Iowa are pranking us all…or if what we see is what we get. In my humble opinion we have right now one of if not the best president we have ever had. he has accomplished a lot of good while herding cats…

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      1. The voters, even idiots that we are, won’t allow regressing. All the smoke and mirrors in Congress can’t undo legitimate legal executive orders. My personal humble opinion is that History will record Obama very highly on the “best lists.”

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      2. he has accomplished remarkable things against impossible odds…constant organized opposition. Hopefully the successor will be apt to continue rather than spending time fighting. We do seem to have an excessive lot of idiots now.

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