whistling in the dark 2: the Dog and Pony Show

The caucuses soon approaching, pundits drone endlessly
as candidates rage and insult each other, talking trash…
pretty blondes menace strong men with nothing to say
as they posture and bluster… and talk of the crash.

The faithful cheer with raucus approval
waving sucker sticks from strawberry lollypops
with Old Glory hanging with garish bravado,
waving like a flag on the Moon.

Meanwhile the Real Americans…if there is such a thing
‘neath the piles of outrageous and ridiculous platforms
and frightful ideas–which are not Right at all–
nervously wring our hands and whistle a brave tune.

Some of us hope that the thing that looms is all a Joke–
a monstrous prank put on us by a grinning caricature
of our Uncle Sam…or the Liberty Bell (crack and all.)
Breath in abeyance…awaiting closure, at least less exposure.

Meanwhile our Lady Liberty, shielding her light, anxiously
waiting to see if the thing that is real– is the Dog and Pony Show.


7 thoughts on “whistling in the dark 2: the Dog and Pony Show

      1. infinitely satisfying! There are more good people on the East coast…I’m not as worried about them…they aren’t known for their sense of humor though. 🙂 Sanders reminds me SO much of my grandfather!

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