Level 60!

Gradmama2011 says: I love this post, by Diane, who gave permission to re-blog it here on SOMETIMES. I adore the concept of Diane’s “Level 60! in place of saying “60 years old…” The use of “old” is relative, and not very useful, especially as it complicated by well-meaning people by saying “x years young, instead of x years old.” I personally am at Level 81, and wouldn’t have it any other way….unless, of course I could be at Level 35 again. 🙂 Thanks Diane….for the re-blog!

24 thoughts on “Level 60!

    1. I just want to continue to evolve for a few more years, but I’m not going to sit around and wait to die. I like the sound of Level 81…it sounds like a promotion rather than a sentence.


      1. I found that I enjoyed being at level 30. I was still considered young, yet old enough that I was considered a respected adult. Now I get aches, but I think that happens to everyone when they reach 30.


      2. Old injuries haunting me in winter. Though I have to blame myself for my backaches at times. Bad posture due to a lack of good chair/desk/computer combination.


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