Ted’s Turn…

What?  They said WHO was going to win?

Forget  speculation…there’s new victimization!
The network table seats are barely cooled
and new bottoms have occupied,
sharpening their wits and
talons, and pencils.
The limelight has not quite faded and already
the pundits are second-guessing themselves.

I thought little girls and other children
of politicos were exempt from muck-raking,
or does that not count until the official swearing-in?
They did refrain from picking on Amy’s piano
skills…at least until she reached her teens.
And the Twins kept shaped up in line
with Grandma’s studied frown.

Carolyn and John were not exempt
but they did seem to escape contempt
from detractors or sighs of resentment
thanks to good supervision and deportment.
Other kids got a break from being perfect
Dads took over as subjects of scrutiny
by critics and casual busy-bodies.

Now the Snarks, Picqueunes, and the Snides,  are ready
with brand new insults and jabs at Teddy.


2 thoughts on “Ted’s Turn…

  1. I hope the families of candidates are left alone. But I have to wonder when the families are put on parade, as is the case with Trump (more so) and Clinton (less so but still). Thanks!


    1. for as much as Trump has been on the telly, he seems to have his family on very little I did see his daughter in an interview once, but she was talking about her role as an executive of some kind in her Dad’s company. I thought she was quite personable. I saw some stuff today of some people saying really nasty things about Cruz…which seems unnecessary, can’t they find something legitimate not to like about him? They will be after Clinton, already digging in about Bill..but the Donald tried to bring all that old Monica stuff up, and so far I think the viewers don’t like that Trump started that. Ya gotta love rubio…jumped right in there swinging with a big grin on his face. I always think these people should be judged on the stuff they do, not other kinds of nonsense. And picking on little kids is never cool…I like that they have pretty much left the Obama girls alone. Pettiness has no place in a civilized society…..


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