thoughts about Bugs


Tell me, Lady Bug
Why are you always alone?
Are you a widow?


Merry Widow?

Black-widow Spider
are you merry as you seem?
seeking a new mate?

It’s really not right…
your fine web is not tangled
why do they say so?


12 thoughts on “thoughts about Bugs

  1. Cute poems! I like fun poems…and bugs! So that’s a Win in my eyes! 🙂 I agree, I love writing poetry, but most times can’t get into the heavy emotional kind. I’d rather smile 🙂


      1. Me too! I think poetry can really strike you as depends on your mood when reading them. I just don’t understand some of them, even though the words are beautiful. I try all kinds, though. 🙂


  2. I’ve read several posts and can’t decide which one I want to comment on, they’re all so wonderful. I don’t always like poetry. Perhaps I’m a Philistine, but yours is delightful, charming, fun, oh I could go on.


    1. I love writing poetry…I tend to not take it too seriously. The poets will be upset with me, I suppose…I can write serious stuff, too, but silly fun stuff is what I prefer. (My own favorite is May in Bombay.)


      1. Listen, that may be why I don’t like most new poetry. Everyone takes themselves so seriously. Occasionally there’s an exception who rises up, but more or less, I don’t find it edifying, as my church self once said.


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