A quirk of fate

Photo provided by Magpie Tales.

Standing here in my brother’s coat
staring out to sea and wishing
I could be the one out on the boat
living a sailor’s life amid sails and cannons
instead of here in my girlish petticoat–
pretending I’m fishing.

“A quirk of Fate,” I tell my brother,
“our souls were clearly switched at birth.”
It is I who belongs on the sailing ship,
wearing shiny skin boots and suits of brocade
with a jaunty cock-hat and a frilly shirt…
buttons of brass and fine velvet knickers!
and YOU who should be here on the shore–

But alas!ย  Woe is me! –The luck is all yours…
for I am corseted and stranded in this body
weak and tender, forced to wear clothing
of silk and lace, never anything “gaudy.”
I wish I could be the one out on the boat
living a sailor’s life–instead of standing here
dreaming of the sea–wearing my petticoat
and your handsome coat!


33 thoughts on “A quirk of fate

    1. thanks! welcome to my site. I visited you and signed on to follow. Love your work, the ink-bottle piece is lovely. I am the widow of a fire-fighter who retired many years ago…so we have that in common besides our poetry. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. It just occurred to me that I subconsciously named by heroine of my Anne finds a career…or whatever its called…after you. Not intentional…I think the elbow kissing and pocket knife envy is what did it! LOL


      1. yes. I have long wished I go get a backpack and go roaming around in various countries doing whatever…hitching rides on farm trucks, buses, just…moving around. That just is not possible for a woman…which is unfortunate but true. Oh it can be done, but the dangers are more severe. If I was a youngish man I’d be…in a jungle somewhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. You know, it’s really funny, because just yesterday I was talking to my mom and I was telling her almost the same thing you just told me.
        Only, I said that the current ways of the world and their expectations of me is what is holding me back.
        I was telling her that what I actually wanted to do was to pack a bag for me and my little boy and wander the world and while doing that I educate him using real life scenarios rather than sending him to school to learn!
        If I could have afforded that I would have led the life of a nomad, unfortunately, I can’t! So like the rest of them, I follow a ‘normal’ life! ๐Ÿ˜€
        Hmm… you actually got me thinking – maybe I should write this down! Thank you, Gradmama ๐Ÿ™‚


      3. I write about this stuff all the time…writing about my adventures. Age isn’t the main thing that hampers my style, it’s the lack of cash! So now writing is the thing I do…always have in fact, but now its my way of vicariously living my “old life” over again.

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      4. I believe that if we are afraid of everything we will never DO anything. My kids had a fit when I went down to adventure tours in the jungles…really. One of my soninlaws “forbid” me to go! haha

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